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Francois de Nicolay Savigny-Les-Beaune 'Les Vermots' 2017

Francois de Nicolay Savigny-Les-Beaune 'Les Vermots' 2017


Variety: Chardonnay

Region: Côte-d'Or, Burgundy, France

"Our philosophy is a holistic respect for life that translates to balanced, healthy grapes with the capacity to produce vibrant, pure and seductive wines, so in 2005 we completely converted to biodynamic farming. We applied for certification with EcoCert and Demeter, which we received in 2011. The longer we continue farming in this way, we can see the difference in the vines. They grow differently; they seem more alive and healthy, and at harvest they are better balanced between acidity and aromas." - More info here from ZRS

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