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Emme Wines 'qu’est-ce que signifie: éphémère?' 2021

Emme Wines 'qu’est-ce que signifie: éphémère?' 2021


Variety: Grenache
Region: Redwood Valley, California

Winemaker: Rosalind Reynolds. 

"Shake Ridge Grenache is both a new variety and a new vineyard for me in 2021. Ann Kraemer, who both planted and currently runs Shake Ridge, is well known as one of the most thoughtful and intentional growers in California. It was an honor to work with some of her Grenache this year.

We picked the Grenache at about 22 brix, and it arrived at the winery in pristine bunches with tiny, beautiful grapes. The fruit was foot crushed, and left to ferment on skins for 8 days. It was then pressed, and the wine continued to dryness in stainless steel. Once dry, it was transferred to a neutral puncheon (my first puncheon!) and neutral barriques for élevage over winter."

‘qu’est-ce que signifie: éphémère’ translates to ‘what does it mean: ephemeral?’. It is a special line from Le Petit Prince, by Antoine Saint-Exupery.

Indigenous yeast fermentation. No added sulfur, no other additions, unfined and unfiltered.